Kumpan Sweden AB


03.2019 - Pågående • 3 år 5 mån

Översätt denna: Hired as developer with flexible tasks/assignments depending on agency needs.

Developer assignments include but not limited to:

  • Integrations in Schibsted network (vanilla JS) with addon logic depending on client
  • Webapp (Vue.JS) project manager and code reviewer
  • Web site development (React + Contentful, Gatsby, GraphQL) according to sketches and in close coherence with UX/UI

Tech: Javascript, React.js, Vue.js, Html5, Css3, Webpack, Gatsby, Graphql, Github

Konsult • Greenfield project

09.2019 - Pågående • 2 år 11 mån

Översätt denna: On-site consultant at Greenfield project in IoT with services developed for a major manufacturer in water solutions/infrastructure.

Developer assignments include but not limited to:

  • Micro services development
  • IoT development with connections to several devices and presentation/summarization of data in webapp
  • Angular w/ Material design

Tech: Angular, Material Design, Sass


Frontend developer

05.2017 - Pågående • 5 år 3 mån

Översätt denna: Heavily involved in the upstart of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds esports scene at Auzom.

Administration and organization of weekly online competitive events and tournaments. Development and content maintenance on the website (pubg.auzom.gg) where much effort has gone into developing a scoreboard to display comprehensive game statistics to participants and viewers alike.

Currently developing the frontend of a content management system in Vue.js

Tech: Symfony, PHP, Vue.js, Json, JS, Html/css, Sass


Frontend developer

01.2014 - 02.2017 • 3 år 1 mån

Översätt denna: Development of Krogguiden.se’s frontend and the service’s content management system used by administrators, moderators and curators.

Project involved frontend development along with Java backend development in an MVC framework and MySQL database.

Tech: Java, Javascript, Html/css, Mysql

Beacon Engineering


08.2022 - 01.2014 • 8 år 8 mån

Översätt denna: Thorough redesign with full responsibility of development of the company website.

After rework Michael had continuous responsibility for maintenance of content and development of website.

Javascript / Typescript

Angular 8+





PHP / Laravel / Apiato



Responsive web design

Computer Science Royal Institute of Technology MSc • 2011 – 2013 Computer Science Royal Institute of Technology BSc • 2008 – 2011 Natural Sciences International College • 2005 – 2008